15 students awarded the Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia have arrived in India!

Our students left New Zealand and travelled via Singapore to Coimbatore, India. They will spend 6 weeks travelling the region learning about the apparel and textile industry, soaking up the culture and seeing what it's like to live in a country so different from NZ. Each week we will hear from the students about their adventure! Here's an excerpt from Aimee Hallen's #1 week.

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15 students awarded the Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia have arrived in India!
  • Monday, 3 July 2017

We arrived in India all feeling pretty shattered from our long journey, but we were welcomed with open arms that just completely lifted our spirits. We were greeted by members of the Bannari Amman Institute of Technology faculty and given beautiful and fragrant flower leis, a lotus flower and a single rose! Already we were aware that the culture here is so open and friendly! 
Through the dark of the night we travelled to the campus and where we would call home for the next 6 weeks. 

On our first day we set out to visit some local temples for the Hindu religion, the first temple we visited was the home of Bannari Amman, the Goddess of Strength and the fisrt of her two sons. It was a lovely insight to one of the many cultures that are worshipped in Bannari Amman. The second temple we visited was the home to the second son; this we climbed what felt like hundreds of stairs all the to the top. From this temple the view was breaking taking. It was just a whole different type of landscape that personally I've never been able to experience before! You could see for miles in all directions. The colours of both temples were unbelievable! I'd never seen anything like it in person! Everything was so bright and bold. We went inside and were able to experience a prayer session. It was absolutely beautiful to see the local people in their religion. 

Among these trips and classes we have been able to have a taste of the large varieties of food and culture which we can't get enough of!!! 
The more we are out on the bus we realise that there are the bare minimum for road rules, if there are any! It's a really fun and entertaining experience as we overtook motorcycles, trucks and other busses by pulling out into oncoming traffic and slipping back in front to safely as the oncoming traffic flys by!

This is first week has truly been an amazing experience! I'm really looking forward to what the rest of our time here has in store for us!

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