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NZ Fashion Tech is the provider of choice by major companies and labels in the fashion industry, such as Trelise Cooper, Karen Walker, Starfish Interiors, Natalie Chan, Stirling Cutting and many more.


NZ Fashion Tech's own industry research and contacts over the last ten years show that over 80% of the industries have difficulty in finding suitable staff to fill vacancies of all skill levels.

NZ Fashion Tech has a unique position within the national fashion education environment and is the largest provider of technically based programmes for the fashion and clothing industries within New Zealand.

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Wherever I go in New Zealand, employers tell me that if someone comes in for a position holding a NZ Fashion Tech qualification, they are assured that not only do they have strong work and interpersonal skills , they also have the technical abilities that the industry are looking for. This opinion is widespread and is offered unsolicited.Ian Gribble - Stirling Cutting

Engagement with Industry

NZ Fashion Tech has very strong links with industry. Every year, up to 200 students are placed within industry for work experience.

Industry leaders and staff talk to us frequently about shifts in the industry and the changing technical needs of their organisation.

This feedback process enables us to ensure that we deliver graduates to the market with the skills that industry need.

Apart from interviewing and enrolling students, part of the role of NZ Fashion Tech's Enrolment and School Liaison Team, is to engage with industry and talk with them about their needs from an HR perspective.

This information is then fed back into NZ Fashion Tech at weekly management or the quarterly Programme Committee meetings.

Fashion Industry Survey

In July 2012, NZ Fashion Tech commissioned a survey and produced a report. The report investigates the current and future needs of the New Zealand fashion, garment and sewn industries, from an economic, educational, industry training and career perspective.

Download the Survey PDF

Providing High Quality Employees

Because of our close partnership with industry, our students graduate with the broad range of technical skills required for the industry's future prosperity and growth.

Learn more about successful industry placements from our graduates.

Success Stories

Up-Skilling Your Staff

The New Zealand fashion industry is not isolated from global changes and is subsequently in a constant state of flux and change.

Many traditionally structured companies are closing and nimble and creative smaller companies are emerging.

The skills of some employees are insufficient for many companies. This has led to a growing demand for programmes at NZ Fashion Tech from within industry to up-skill their current staff to meet their ever changing needs.

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